Cancellation insurance

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What has been common practice in international tourism for many years, is all too easily forgotten when it comes to individual domestic travel.

A booked stay, whether a weekend or a cure lasting several weeks, represents a contract after the booking confirmation by the host, which both parties must fulfill. If a guest - for whatever reason - does not arrive for a booked stay and the accommodation company then suffers a loss because the room cannot be re-rented for the same period, the absent guest is liable to pay damages. This also applies if the reason for the cancellation is a fateful event that the guest could not avoid, such as illness, an accident or other events, even in the closest family circle.

According to travel law § 651 I (2) BGB, the hotelier is entitled to claim compensation in case of travel cancellation.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

up to 30 days before departure free of charge
30 days to 21 days before departure 25% charge
20 days to 15 days before departure will be charged 35%.
14 days to 8 days before departure will be charged 55%.
and 7 days up to 1 day before departure 80% of the price
of the price of the overnight stay with breakfast.

Our General Terms and Conditions are available upon request in writing or AGBs and are based on the conditions of the DEHOGA.

In order to protect you from such risks, which are possible at any time, we offer you a novel and extremely inexpensive cancellation insurance through our Kneipp-Kurhotel Förch.

You only need to transfer the specified amount with the transfer form. Through this cancellation protection you will incur no costs in case of a justified cancellation of your stay. You have no work and problems in the event of a claim, because the claim settlement is handled directly by us. And now, of course, we hope with you that nothing stands in the way of your cure or vacation and that you can soon spend the most beautiful time of the year here.

How does the cancellation protection come about?

No later than 14 days after receiving your booking confirmation, you transfer the amount entered there on the enclosed form. This concludes the cancellation insurance for you. The cancellation cost protection exists only if the protection contribution was paid before the occurrence of a cancellation reason (see below).

What is covered?.

All costs arising from a cancellation of the accommodation contract in our house (a deductible for you is not applicable).

Reasons for cancellation of your stay!

A serious accident, unexpected serious illness or death of the contracting party or a family member, damage to property due to fire, natural events or intentional criminal act of a third party. The cancellation of your stay must be made immediately after the occurrence of any of the above reasons.

What does this cancellation coverage cost?

Per person
€ 2,00 per night

This cancellation insurance is a very reasonable and affordable offer from our house, where you should simply say "yes".