The 5 Kneipp elements

The basis of our Kneipp spa hotel in Bad Wörishofen:

It serves as a mediator of temperature stimuli. When cool water hits the skin, blood vessels, metabolism and muscles react. The result: improved circulation, purification and pleasant relaxation. More than 130 different applications, such as water jets, washes, wraps or baths, strengthen the body's defenses, make the organism less susceptible and keep it fit.

Rest and activity must be in a healthy relationship. This strengthens and brings serenity. Through athletic training, the heart and circulation swing in time again, the figure gets into shape and the head is cleared - whether with hiking, swimming, cycling or golfing. One feels well again and mental performance increases. Energy comes through relaxation.

Tidiness :
Structuring the outer and inner order of life is the basis of Kneipp's holistic therapy. Because: The harmony between mind and soul is the prerequisite for physical health. Relaxation methods and mental strengthening techniques such as Qi Gong, Yoga, breathing therapy etc. bring mental balance and cheerful serenity. Active, self-responsible lifestyle also leads to greater physical well-being and increases the feeling of happiness.

A light, well-balanced whole food should be consumed. The more natural a food is, the higher its nutritional value. A diet that covers the calorie requirement and contains all necessary nutrients in sufficient quantities leads to balance and makes vital.

Medicinal plants:
Medicinal plants in the form of fragrant teas, bath additives, dragées or ointments act gently and without side effects. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for longer-term therapy.