Sebastian Kneipp - Healing with water

"I don't think I can cite any remedy,
that heals more surely than water."

(Pastor Sebastian Kneipp)

Despised, condemned, admired - Pastor Kneipp was a gentle resister against the sole rule of conventional medicine.

What few know: Sebastian Kneipp's path to becoming an icon of naturopathy was rocky. He was denounced several times for "quackery". According to a court ruling, he was no longer allowed to treat poor people who could not afford a doctor.
he was no longer allowed to treat. Fortunately for us, Kneipp did not let this stop him. He had felt the healing powers of nature in his own body. He cured with the water cure his tuberculosis, which was considered incurable at that time.

He developed a concept for healthy living, which, in addition to water treatments, also included the elements of internal order, nutrition, exercise and medicinal plants. Kneipp therapy with its 5 pillars is the classic natural healing method for the prevention of threatening and the treatment of acute and chronic diseases. Fascinating that it has the same validity today, a good 130 years later.

In 1880 Kneipp came to Wörishofen. Here he was given the opportunity to give many people access to a water cure in a newly built bathing establishment. Because Kneipp's legacy is still being successfully carried on today, you too have the opportunity to take a cure in the place where the Kneipp movement originated.

His healing successes attracted people from all over the world to Wörishofen.

Sebastian Anton Kneipp was born on May 17, 1821 in Stephansried near Ottobeuren in the Allgäu region as the son of a weaver.

In 1849 Kneipp fell ill with tuberculosis. He discovered the book "Lessons on the Healing Power of Fresh Water" by Johann Siegmund Hahn. Thereupon Kneipp bathed several times in the ice-cold Danube and became healthy again.

In 1850 he continued his theology studies in Munich.

Daily water treatments have since become an integral part of his life.

On June 17, 1897, Father Sebastian Kneipp died in Bad Wörishofen.